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Bronagh pronunciation, meaning and origin of the Irish girls name.

How do you pronounce the Irish girls name Bronagh?

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What does the Irish name Bronagh mean?

Though rooted in bronach “sad, sorrowful” St. Bronagh must have been a popular figure in her home area of County Down where her bell is venerated because so many girls in that area are named for her now as they have been for over 1000 years.

What is the gender for the Irish name Bronagh?

Girl | Female

Is Bronagh a girls name?

Yes, Bronagh is traditionally given to a girl.

How do you spell Bronagh in Irish?

It is spelled “Bronagh”.

How do you pronounce the Irish girls name Bronagh?

It is pronounced “bro + nah”.

What is Bronagh in English?

Bronagh doesn’t have an English equivalent.

Is Bronagh a common name?

Bronagh has seen modest popularity in Ireland for Irish baby names. It peaked in 2004 at #126. For 2021 Bronagh ranked #517 in Ireland for all baby girls names. Source: cso.ie

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