Meaning, pronunciation and origin of the Irish boys name Fionn

How is Fionn pronounced?

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What does the Irish name Fionn mean?

Means “fair-headed”. Fionn Mac Cool, a central character in Irish folklore and mythology lead the warrior band, the Fianna. Fionn was not only incredibly strong but he was also extremely brave, handsome, generous and wise, a wisdom he aquired by touching the “Salmon of Knowledge” and then sucking his thumb. The name is popular in Ireland with both spellings Fionn and Finn.

What is the Gender for the Irish name Fionn?

Boy | Male

Is Fionn a boy or girl name?

Fionn is traditionally given to a boy.

How do you spell Fionn in Irish?

It is spelled “Fionn” or “Finn”.

How do you pronounce Irish name Fionn?

It is pronounced “fi+nn”.

Is Fionn a rare or common name?

Fionn is an incredibly popular and common name in Ireland for newborn baby boys. It has risen dramatically over the last 40 years and in 2021, it ranked #14 in Ireland for all baby boys born. It has steadily risen over the years, peaking in 2020 at #8. It ranks very close the other spelling of the name Finn, which ranked #13 in 2021. Source: