Muireann pronunciation, meaning and origin of the Irish girls Muireann.

How do you pronounce the Irish girls name Muireann?

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What does the Irish name Muireann mean?

Means “sea white, sea fair”. The very appropriate name of the 6th century mermaid caught by a fisherman in Lough Neagh. He brought her to St. Comghall who baptized her which transformed her into a woman.

What is the gender for the Irish name Muireann?

Girl | Female

Is Muireann a girls name?

Yes, Muireann is traditionally given to a girl.

How do you spell Muireann in Irish?

It is spelled “Muireann” or “Muirenn”.

How do you pronounce the Irish girls name Muireann?

It is pronounced “mur + in”.

What is Muireann in English?

While similar, variations in English include Miren and Moirin.

Is Muireann a common name?

Muireann has seen some popularity in Ireland, ranking as high as #87 in 2011. It has fallen over the last decade and in 2021 it ranked #126 in Ireland for all baby girls names. Source: