Meaning of the Irish name Niall. Listen and learn how to pronounce Niall so you can get the correct pronunciation for this Irish boy name.

MEANING: The name could come from “”passionate, vehement”” or fromΒ nel””a cloud.”” Niall of the Nine Hostages (read the legend) was a fourth-century king of Tara who gained the throne because of a test – he and his brothers had to enter the forest and find their own food and shelter. As time wore on they grew thirsty and approached a well guarded by a hideously ugly woman. Before she would allow them to have a drink she asked for a kiss. Only Niall agreed and when he had kissed her she was transformed into the most beautiful woman on earth and in turn she granted him sovereignty of Erin.

GENDER: Boy | Male


PRONUNCIATION: “”nye + al””

ENGLISH: Neil or Neal (pron. “”neel””)

AUDIO: (Listen to the late author Frank McCourt pronounce Niall and read along with the meaning)

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Famous People with the Name Niall: Niall Horan of British boy band One Direction, Niall Ferguson


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