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Meaning of the name Odran. Listen and learn how to pronounce Odran so you can get the correct pronunciation for this boy name.

MEANING: All variants of odhra meaning “”dark haired.”” Seventeen saints have used the name and Odhran, abbot of Meath, was one of the 12 devotees who accompanied St. Columba to Iona. When he died soon after their arrival Columba saw Odhran’s soul ascending to heaven following a battle between angels and devils. Another Odhran was the charioteer of St. Patrick.

GENDER: Boy | Male

IRISH NAME: Odran Odhran Oran Orin

PRONUNCIATION: “o + ran” or “o + rin”


AUDIO: (Listen to the late author Frank McCourt pronounce Odran and read along with the meaning)

Play Audio for Odran:
Play Audio for Odran

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