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Meaning, pronunciation and origin of the Irish boys name Ruari

How do you pronounce Irish name Ruari?

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What does the Irish name Ruari mean?

From rua + ri meaning “red king, great king”. Rory O’Connor, the last High King of Ireland was forced to abdicate the throne in 1175.

What is the gender for the Irish name Ruari?

Boy | Male, however it also can be used for a girl.

Is Ruari a boy or girl name?

Ruari is traditionally given to a boy.

How do you spell Ruari in Irish?

It is spelled “Ruari”.

How do you pronounce the Irish name Ruari?

It is pronounced “ro + ree”.

What is the English equivalent names of Ruari?

There is no English similar name to the Irish name Ruari, so you would use “Ruari”.

Is Ruari a rare name?

Ruari has been a rare name in Ireland for the last 40 years. The most baby boys born with the name was in 2005 and it ranked #268. 2021 saw less than three baby boys born with the name Ruari. Source: cso.ie

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