Meaning of the Irish name Cliona. Listen and learn how to pronounce Cliona so you can get the correct pronunciation for this Irish girl name.

MEANING: From clodhna meaning “shapely.” Cliodhna had three magical birds that could sing the sick to sleep and cure them. In the tale of “Cliodhna’s Wave” she falls in love with a mortal, “Keevan of the Curling Locks,” and leaves Tir-Na-Nog (“Land of Eternal Youth”) (read the legend) with him but when he goes off to hunt, leaving her on the beach, she is swept to sea by a great wave, leaving her lover desolate.

GENDER: Girl | Female

IRISH NAME: Cliona Cleona

PRONUNCIATION: klee + ona”


AUDIO: (Listen to the late author Frank McCourt pronounce Cliona and read along with the meaning)

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