Meaning, pronunciation and origin of the Irish girls name Ava

VIDEO OF HOW TO PRONOUCE Ava (Aoife in Irish)?

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What does the Irish name Ava mean?

Beautiful, radiant, joyful.” Known as the greatest woman warrior in the world, Aoife (Ava) was the mother of Cuchulainn’s (read the legend) only son, Connlach. Aoife Dearg (“Red Aoife”) was a daughter of a king of Connacht who had her marriage arranged by St. Patrick himself. In 2003 Aoife was the third most popular Irish girls name for babies in Ireland.

What is the Gender for the Irish name Ava?

Girl | Female

Is Ava a girls name?

Yes, Ava is traditionally given to a female.

How do you spell Ava in Irish?

It is spelled as “Ava”

How do you pronounce Irish name Ava (Aoife)?

It is pronounced “a+va” or “ee + fa”

What is Ava in English?

Eva, Ava are both the English version of Aoife.

Is Ava a popular name?

Yes, Ava is a very common name in Ireland for Irish baby girls. In 2008, Ava ranked #1 for all girls born that year. In 2021, Ava had fallen a bit, but ranked #8 in Ireland for all baby girls names with 272 births. Source: cso.ie