Meaning, pronunciation and origin of the Irish girls name Oonagh

How do you pronounce Irish name Oonagh?

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What does the Irish name Oonagh mean?

From the Irish word uan “a lamb” or may come from the Latin unameaning “one”, hence it is sometimes translated as “Unity.” In legend Oonagh was “Queen of the Fairies” who had long golden hair which reached to the ground and she was also the wife of Fionn Mac Cool (read the legend).

What is the Gender for the Irish name Oonagh?

Girl | Female

Is Oonagh a girls name?

Yes, Oonagh is traditionally given to a girl.

How do you spell Oonagh in Irish?

It is spelled “Oonagh”, “Oona”, or “Una”.

How do you pronounce Irish name Oonagh?

It is pronounced “ou + na”

What is the English equivalent names of Oonagh?

There is no English equivalent for Oonahgh.

Is Oonagh an Irish name?

Yes, Oonagh comes from the Irish word uan “a lamb”.

Is Oonagh a rare name?

Oonagh is very rare name in Ireland. In 2021, Oonagh ranked #764 in Ireland with only four baby girls born with the name. Source: cso.ie

Who is Amber Heard daughter?

On Thursday, July 1st, 2021, Amber Heard announced on her Instagram account that she become a first-time mother, naming her new daughter the wonderful Irish name ‘Oonagh’.