Grainne pronunciation, meaning and origin of the Irish girls name.

How do you pronounce the Irish girls name Grainne?

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What does the Irish name Grainne mean?

From gran “grain, corn”. Grainne in ancient Ireland was the patron of the harvest. In later legends Grainne was the name of the beautiful daughter of a High King of Ireland, Cormac Mac Art. She had been promised in marriage to the king Fionn Mac Cool (read the legend). When Grainne saw him at the wedding banquet she realised Fionn was too old for her and put a “geis”, a love spell on Fionn’s nephew, Diarmuid. They ran away together but Fionn’s pursuit prevented them from spending two consecutive nights in the same place. Megalithic sites throughout Ireland are still traditionally referred to as “the bed of Grainne and Diarmuid” (read the legend).

What is the gender for the Irish name Grainne?

Girl | Female

Is Grainne a girls name?

Yes, Grainne is traditionally given to a girl.

How do you spell Grainne in Irish?

It is spelled “Grainne” or “Grania”.

How do you pronounce the Irish girls name Grainne?

It is pronounced “graw + nya”.

What is Grainne in English?

The name Grainne does not have an English similar name.

Is Grainne a popular or rare name?

Grainne is a traditionally popular name in Ireland, ranking as high as #45 in 1982 however over the years it has steadily declined. In 2021 there were less than 3 baby girls recorded with the name Grainne. Source: