Meaning, pronunciation and origin of the Irish girls name Eithne

How do you pronounce Irish name Eithne?

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What does the Irish name Eithne mean?

Eithne means “kernel of a nut or seed” but it may also be related to Aidan meaning “little fire.” There are at least nine St. Eithnes. One 6th century St. Eithne was the mother of St. Columba. Before the birth of her son an angel appeared to her displaying a beautifully colored cloak covered with wonderful flowers. When she reached for the cloak it rose into the air, and spreading out, floated over land and sea until it seemed to rest upon the hills of a distant land. This vision foretold that her little son was to travel over the seas and there win great distinction and honour.

What is the Gender for the Irish name Eithne?

Girl | Female

Is Eithne a girls name?

Yes, Eithne is traditionally given to a girl.

How do you spell Eithne in Irish?

It is spelled “Eithne” or “Eitna“.

How do you pronounce the Irish name Eithne?

It is pronounced “en + ya”.

What is Eithne in English?

The English version of Eithne is Enya.

Is Eithne a rare name?

Yes, Eithne is a very rare name in that spelling. In 2021, Eithne had less than 3 baby girls born in Ireland with the name. Source: cso.ie