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Meaning, pronunciation and origin of the Irish girls name Clodagh

How do you pronounce Irish name Clodagh?

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What does the Irish name Clodagh mean?

The river Clody runs through County Tipperary and County Wexford and like most Irish rivers is named for a local female deity. Rivers become places for prayer and Clodagh is a popular name in this part of the country.

What is the Gender for the Irish name Clodagh?

Girl | Female

Is Clodagh a girls name?

Yes, Clodagh is traditionally given to a girl.

How do you spell Clodagh in Irish?

It is spelled “Clodagh”.

How do you pronounce Irish name Clodagh?

It is pronounced “clo + da”

What is the name Clodagh in English?

A variation in English is “Cloda”.

Is Clodagh a common name?

Clodagh has been growing in popularity in Ireland. It peaked in 2009 at #34 for all Irish girl names and remains around that same position. In 2021, Clodagh ranked #40 in Ireland for all Irish baby girls names. Source: cso.ie

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