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Meaning, pronunciation and origin of the Irish boys name Padraig

How is Padraig pronounced?

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What does the Irish name Padraig mean?

From the Latin patricius “nobly born”. The patron saint of Ireland, it is hard to differentiate between fact and myth. What is probably true is that he was born in Britain around 373 AD and was brought to Ireland as a slave at the age of seven, possibly by Niall of the Nine Hostages (read the legend). Forced to guard sheep on the Slemish Mountains in Country Antrim for six years he had a vision urging him to convert his captors. He escaped to France where he trained as a priest before returning to Ireland where he banished the snakes (i.e. paganism) and converted the population to Christianity. Both Patrick and Padraig are very popular names in Ireland.

What is the Gender for the Irish name Padraig?

Boy | Male

Is Padraig a boy or girl name?

Padraig is traditionally given to a boy.

How do you spell Padraig in Irish?

It is spelled “Padraig” or “Padraic”.

How do you pronounce Irish name Padraig?

It is pronounced “paw + drig” or “paw + rik”.

Is Padraig the same as Patrick?

In English, the translation for Padraig is Patrick.

Who are some famous people with the name Padraig?

Famous people include the Irish professional golfer, Pádraig Harrington padraigharrington.com

Is Padraig a popular name?

Padraig has steadily decreased in time despite traditionally being a common name in Ireland. In 1981, it ranked #52 but by 2021, it had fallen to 498 with only six newborn baby boys being named Padraig in all of Ireland. Source: cso.ie

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